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Domestic Violence Charges

Have you been charged with a domestic violence offense? Any time a person is charged in a criminal case, he/she is often left feeling confused, helpless, and frightened. These types of charges can not only take a toll on the accused’s finances and wellbeing, but also their reputation. In this situation, the individual needs a strong and knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer to help them navigate to the legal process. If you’re currently coming to terms with your charge and aren’t sure where to turn, contact Angela Arellanes Attorney at Law as soon as possible.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is commonly defined as violent confrontations or abuse between household or family members. It also commonly occurs between relationship partners. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a charge that is often pressed against innocent people out of spite, anger, jealousy, or revenge. It is often used to gain an advantage in child custody and divorce cases, and it can entail harsh consequences. This is why it’s unwise to try to defend yourself in a domestic violence case; these matters are delicate and better left in the hands of a criminal defense attorney.

Various Types of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence comes in many shapes and forms including physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and economic abuse. In some cases, accidents can appear as intended assaults and abuse. Without a lawyer or attorney, accidents can be hard to prove in a court of law. This is why you need a professional by your side that knows the law and can defend you from false allegations.

Where to Turn for Help

It’s easy to become frightened once you’ve been arrested for a domestic violence charge. However, just because you’ve already initially been arrested or charged does not mean that the case will stick in court. Your best bet for defending yourself against a domestic violence charge is to hire a domestic violence lawyer. Reduction of charges is often possible, as well as total dismissal altogether. This keeps your record, finances, emotional stability, and reputation clean.

You are invited to contact us if you are currently struggling with a domestic violence charge. No one should have to navigate the legal process of defending themselves from this type of charge alone. Dramatically increase your chances of proving your side in court by contacting us today. We are here to provide a confidential and free consultation so that we can begin providing answers and a solution for your specific situation.


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