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Tips for Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas, NM

The best chance of winning fair compensation for your injuries is to get the help of a lawyer in Las Vegas, NM. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to know which lawyer is the right one for you. There are several things to look for and ask about when trying to find the best personal injury attorney for you case in Las Vegas.


You want to choose a personal injury attorney with at least several years of experience. Experience will increase the chance that you will receive fair compensation. You want a lawyer who has specifically handled personal injury cases for a long time. You also want an attorney who has been working in the Las Vegas, NM area. An experienced lawyer will know all of the relevant local and federal laws. Additionally, an experienced lawyer will have no problem dealing with large insurance companies. Continue reading

The Importance of Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney


If you need brain surgery, would you ask your general practitioner to do it? Would you trust a regular auto mechanic to repair the transmission on a Ferrari? This same logic should be applied toward choosing the proper personal injury attorney for your specific case. Those who go to school and pass the Bar can be licensed to practice law, but the law is a vast arena with different areas of expertise. A patent lawyer not likely being much help in a criminal murder case is just one example. When seeking damages for accidents that result in personal injury, hiring an attorney experienced in your case type is best.

Choosing a Specialty

Look for a practice that specializes in personal injury claims. Some firms specialize or have more experience in specific subcategories of personal injury such as automobile accidents or medical malpractice claims. Try to find a firm that most closely matches your need and the services they excel at. Ask around from others you know or have heard needed representation for a personal injury claim, such as Berenson & Associates, PC. Continue reading

Angela Arellanes, Personal Injury Attorney

Unthinkable tragedy can strike at a moment’s notice. The negligent actions of another person can lead to devastating consequences. Are you prepared for when this happens?

Many times, it’s possible to have avoided the pain and suffering experienced during a loss. Working with a personal injury attorney, or wrongful death lawyer, can help you recognize when this has occurred.

For over 25 years, Angela Arellanes has represented clients throughout New Mexico. Based in Albuquerque, Angela has dedicated her career to serving the legal needs of New Mexico residents. She has earned an exceptional reputation in upholding the rights of those that have been harmed.

Pursuit of a personal injury or wrongful death case is not something you should have to do alone. It is important to have someone on your side. Someone with experience and a proven record. Angela Arellanes can offer all of this. As a Member of the Bar and several professional associations, like the New Mexico Trial Lawyer’s Association, Angela’s expertise is invaluable.

Angela is committed to achieving the best possible results for her clients. She understands the sensitive nature of their individual situation and approaches each of her cases with compassion and empathy. With a tireless work ethic, Angela continually fights for her clients’ justice.

When faced with a wrongful death, or personal injury, it is often difficult to comprehend what has happened. The incredible sense of loss clouds any sound judgment or reason you may normally possess. The initial shock of these circumstances may cause their long term effects to go unnoticed. While any loss is unfortunate, its impact can be minimized. An attorney like Angela Arellanes can offer expert guidance in seeking the outcome you deserve.

Serious legal matters require knowledgeable and focused attention. In order to defend your case in best way possible, you need to be aligned with the best representation possible. Angela Arellanes is there to defend your case and be on your side.

If you, or a loved one, live in the Albuquerque area and are in need of a personal injury attorney or wrongful death lawyer, contact Angela Arellanes.


Injury and How it Starts

There is always a risk of getting injured when simply going about daily life. Whether driving in a car or walking on the sidewalk, people can get injured due to the carelessness of someone else.

Auto accidents are the leading causes of physical injury and getting the proper legal representation from The Garriga Law Firm can get you the compensation you need. A significant percentage of all car accidents involve injuries that range between mild to severe damage. A police report often declares the driver that is at fault for causing injuries to the driver and passenger of another vehicle. Rear and front car crashes often cause some sort of spinal and neck injuries. For example, whiplash is a common injury sustained when the head of a driver or front passenger rapidly swings back and forth during a crash. Damage to the spinal discs, nerves and ribs is also common because of the rapid compression of seat belts pressing against the chest. Auto injury lawyers can help victims get the proper compensation from the insurance companies of the driver that is deemed guilty of causing a car cash.

Personal injury can also occur just about anywhere outside of a person’s own home. For example, a slip and fall incident at a grocery store is considered a personal injury that may result from the negligence of a store owner. The owner may be found guilty of negligence if he or she failed to post a mandatory warning sign on a wet floor or damaged stairs. Personal injury in a public place can also include something falling down on a person such as an exterior light fixture overhanging from the upper floors. Personal injuries can be severe such as in the case when a person falls and breaks his hips or legs.  So seeking the help from a personal injury attorney like the Law Office of Benjamin Hancock can guide you with your personal injury case.

Medical malpractice can cause a significant amount of physical and emotional injury. For example, improper surgeries can actually remove the wrong organ in a patient. Sometimes, Physicians may also prescribe treatment that can be harmful to specific patients taking certain medication. Medical malpractice is commonly done during cosmetic operations that end up scarring skin rather than improving its appearance. Licensed doctors usually have insurance that covers all forms of malpractice.  Often times one seeks the legal experience from Donald A. Shapiro, Ltd. with any medical malpractice instances.

No matter how careful a person is, he or she can still be a victim of an accident. Negligence is common in the public and therefore people should be prepared to deal with any consequences of injuries. Even licensed professionals such as doctors can sometimes accidentally injure customers.

Personal Injury Legal Services

Negligence causes injuries that can change lives. Careless acts can reduce normal productive lives to struggles against pain and limitations. Claims for negligence can involve temporary discomfort, permanent injuries and, sadly, sometimes wrongful death. Negligence claims can involve products, sex crimes, medical services, automobile collisions, and in some cases occupational and workplace injuries. Seeking the legal assistance from attorneys can help in these matters.  Injured persons and survivors of a wrongful death require expert legal assistance from Moffett Law Firm, P.C. to understand their rights. The law provided remedies, methods to obtain a full fair and just amount of compensation for losses and injuries caused by the negligence of others.

One common cause of personal injury is medical negligence. These are injuries caused by any medical services provider; it includes such things as missed diagnosis and errors during surgery. Medical cases can be complicated, and one must support claims by a medical expert’s testimony. The assistance of an experienced attorney proves valuable when the legal cause and responsible parties must be determined in a situation with many medical services providers. An example is surgery, which routinely involves a hospital, surgeons, nurses, anesthetists, and medical laboratories. In later technology such as robotic surgery, one must consider many other factors.

In every state, one must bring a case within a certain period time, or the law bars it thereafter. Known as statutes of limitation, they have the effect of barring or stopping claims after a certain amount of time. A typical example would be a three-year period to file a claim for injury from an automobile accident. The limitations run from the time of the injury and bar the claim after a certain time has passed. It is a harsh rule, and there are few exceptions. Some states allow claims filing after limitations for injuries not discovered in time. Meant to help injured persons, this rule protects people who were unaware of the injury or its cause during the time for filing a claim. Another exception is for age of the injured person or person bringing the action as in wrongful death. The limitation does not run against a minor, and it stops until the age of majority.

It is vital to consult with an experienced attorney like Edward A. Shamis, Jr., J.D. in the event of an injury. Rights can be lost; delay can hamper or limit one’s case. Many injury specialists offer free consultation and charge no fee unless there is a recovery of damages. If injured, the best advice is do not delay, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.

Asbestos Exposure Attorney

Asbestos can cause cancer many years after exposure occurred. Asbestos was once widely used as a building material because the dangers of exposure were not known. Asbestos is still contained within the insulation and some of the flooring of many older buildings, so it is possible to be exposed during renovations, without great care. Asbestos can float in the air as dust, so it can be impossible to see with the naked eye. Detecting it requires specialized testing by a qualified professional. Mesothelioma can strike decades after exposure, so many people who have been exposed years ago are still being newly diagnosed. Mesothelioma is so strongly linked to asbestos that it is very rare a person would develop this type of cancer without some type of past exposure to asbestos.

The type of cancer caused by asbestos, mesothelioma, can be very deadly, and treatments are very expensive. If you have cancer you believe may have been caused by mesothelioma exposure, a mesothelioma asbestos exposure lawyer like Clinesmith Wooten Smith can help you recover costs for treatment, pain and suffering, and other damages.

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with lung cancer, the first priority is to get better. Many families wonder how they are going to pay for the extra cost of cancer treatment, especially if they are losing a family member’s income while they are undergoing treatment. A settlement can help offset these costs and ease some of the family’s worries.

If you believe you may have an asbestos exposure-related mesothelioma case, it is a good idea to set up a consultation with an asbestos lawyer. It is helpful to make a list of your medical providers with some dates of treatment so the attorney and his or her assistants can begin working on your case right away.

Injury Blog

Are you the victim of medical malpractice, a truck accident or a spinal cord injury, due to negligence? If so, the legal trek ahead of you is going to be an arduous one, providing you decide to go it alone. When it comes to fighting a legal battle, many people make some crucial errors. They unknowingly attempt to resolve the situation without a qualified personal injury attorney, and it usually ends badly. The sight of a weekend warrior legal foray is all too common, and it generally causes more harm than good. If you aren’t dealing with certified personal injury attorneys like Moffett Law Firm, PC, Edward A. Shamis, Jr., JD or Donald A. Shapiro, Ltd., your settlement could be in jeopardy. Although personal injury attorneys are sometimes demonized as “ambulance chasers”, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle without one representing you.

Did you know that many attorneys have a policy that renders it so you don’t have to pay them a dime, unless they win the case? Although not all injury claims will result in a trial, this policy sets the precedent that an attorney’s success is directly tied to yours, and is therefore guaranteed to treat your case as though it is his or her own. The presence of a legal expert can also help you handle the insurance company as well, and will ensure that you receive all of the compensation than you’ve got coming to you.

When all is said and done, if you’re the victim of a catastrophic injury, a reputable personal injury lawyer is your first line of defense total financial ruin. Not only can a personal injury attorney help you in court, they can also deftly handle any insurance quandaries you may face. Whether you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury or a truck accident, there’s a qualified legal expert waiting to handle your case.

Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident, many lawyers like Berenson & Associated, PC know all too well just what you are going through. A firm near you likely has extensive experience investigating and litigating cases involving personal injury. Here is a brief synopsis of the personal injury litigation process prepared by an attorney to help prepare you for the upcoming months if you are exploring a suit.

Auto cases that inflict catastrophic injuries, or in some cases even brain injury, are especially complicated because of the lawyers experts and doctors who will be involved in the case. The treating physicians will need to be deposed so a determination can be made on the extent of damages. A life care planner will need to be hired to calculate the cost of future care. Experts will also need to be found who can testify to the matter in which the accident occurred. These experts will travel to the scene of the accident, and they will also go examine the wreckage from the vehicles themselves.

Scene witnesses and first responders will give critical testimony and will need to be interviewed to piece together the incidents that took place on the day of the auto accident. Records will have to be requested, reviewed, and sent out to experts for them to review. The case boils down to just witnesses and documentary evidence. Both are equally important, but it is hard to argue with the four corners of a clear piece of evidence.  The help from an attorney like the Law Office of Benjamin Hancock is always best when it comes to a lawsuit such as these.

Litigating an auto accident case that involves extensive head injuries is a sensitive and complicated endeavor. Attorneys, like Gottesman & Hollis, PA, who choose this line of work often do so because they knew someone who had been injured by the negligence of another, or because they had a call to help others.

Resources for Personal Injury Victims

Personal injury can cover a wide range of wounds and diseases, and these can be from multiple sources. When a person is injured by the negligence or intent of another, it falls under the category of personal injury tort law. Intentionally inflicted injuries will also fall under the criminal legal system.

When a person is injured in an accident and has a catastrophic injury to the brain, he or she is best served by a personal injury lawyer or by a  brain injury lawyer who may also specialize in auto accident personal injury. If a person was injured at the hand of a careless surgeon an attorney, like Donald A. Shapiro, Ltd. who specializes in medical negligence, would be the best resource.

Spinal cord back injuries would be best represented by an attorney such as Edward A. Shamis, Jr., J.D. specializing in back injuries, specifically injuries to the spinal cord. People with other serious personal injuries, such as head injuries, exposure to toxic chemicals or asbestos, broken bones, loss of vision or other debilitating accidents or illnesses, should find legal representation from Gottesman & Hollis, P.A..

Medical Treatment:

An attorney, who takes a personal injury case would normally send his or her client to a doctor specializing in medical/legal cases. This physician refers the patient to specialists and physical therapy, as necessary. For instance, a person with a dog bite injury would be referred to a plastic surgeon, or a person whose leg was broken in a car accident would be referred to an orthopedist.

Private Investigators:

A personal injury attorney will hire a private investigator immediately after being retained. For this reason, people who are injured by another’s negligence or intent should retain an attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Many personal injury attorneys will even meet with a potential client at the hospital or the injured person’s home.

The private investigator researches a physician’s previous lawsuits like from Moffett Law Firm, P.C. if the case is for medical malpractice. If the case is for personal injury resulting from a dog bite on the dog owner’s property, the private investigator will ask the dog owner’s insurance claims adjuster to forward a copy of that policy. Then the attorney will know the financial limits of the party.


In a high-value personal injury case, an actuary will be hired by the injured person’s attorney to determine how much money the injured person is no longer able to make because of his or her injuries. This dollar figure is inserted into the lawsuit to provide for lifetime care and support.

What to Do When You Sustain a Personal Injury

Personal injuries are often associated with injuries caused by car accidents. However, there are a host of injuries that fall under personal injury. Personal injury is damage or any injury caused to an individual’s mind, body or emotions. Essentially, any injury that an individual incurs aside from property is a personal injury. These injuries may come as a result of vehicular accidents, accidents at work, product defects, and incidents at home. Some personal injuries may be serious catastrophic injuries such as those caused by medical negligence to which you can seek the legal assistance from a Personal Injury Trial Firm. An individual who sustains an injury in an accident at no fault of his own may be able to claim monetary compensation for his injuries and subsequent hardships. The more devastating the injury, the more compensation a victim is likely to obtain. For example, if you sustain a brain injury as the result of faulty equipment at work, you will be compensated more than someone who sustains a broken finger or sprained ankle. Moffett Law Firm, P.C. can help with such compensations.

If you are ever in an accident that causes a personal injury, it is in your best interest to obtain council from The Jones Firm who provide personal injury services or from an accident injury lawyer as soon as possible. If a car rear-ends you while riding in downtown Boston, after seeking medical assistance, you should contact a Boston personal injury attorney like The Law Offices of Hans R. Hailey. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to advise you on rehabilitation, therapy, and any necessary continuing medical treatments. The attorney will also begin the legal process for your personal injury claim.

Timeliness is critical in personal injury claims. Once the responding police officer finishes the police report, attorneys like Angela Arellanes, Attorney at Lawwill begin to contact you. For many victims, this is the easiest way to obtain an attorney. However, if you already have a personal attorney, he or she should be able to provide assistance or help you find assistance. You need to seek legal assistance immediately because waiting to contact an attorney may affect the outcome of your claim and settlement. The longer you wait to obtain an attorney, the less urgent your injury will appear to the party at fault. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may settle with the party at fault. The amount of time that may lapse between your injury and settlement could vary between months and years, so stay patient and communicate with your attorney frequently.