Medical Malpractice

Injury and How it Starts

There is always a risk of getting injured when simply going about daily life. Whether driving in a car or walking on the sidewalk, people can get injured due to the carelessness of someone else.

Auto accidents are the leading causes of physical injury and getting the proper legal representation from The Garriga Law Firm can get you the compensation you need. A significant percentage of all car accidents involve injuries that range between mild to severe damage. A police report often declares the driver that is at fault for causing injuries to the driver and passenger of another vehicle. Rear and front car crashes often cause some sort of spinal and neck injuries. For example, whiplash is a common injury sustained when the head of a driver or front passenger rapidly swings back and forth during a crash. Damage to the spinal discs, nerves and ribs is also common because of the rapid compression of seat belts pressing against the chest. Auto injury lawyers can help victims get the proper compensation from the insurance companies of the driver that is deemed guilty of causing a car cash.

Personal injury can also occur just about anywhere outside of a person’s own home. For example, a slip and fall incident at a grocery store is considered a personal injury that may result from the negligence of a store owner. The owner may be found guilty of negligence if he or she failed to post a mandatory warning sign on a wet floor or damaged stairs. Personal injury in a public place can also include something falling down on a person such as an exterior light fixture overhanging from the upper floors. Personal injuries can be severe such as in the case when a person falls and breaks his hips or legs.  So seeking the help from a personal injury attorney like the Law Office of Benjamin Hancock can guide you with your personal injury case.

Medical malpractice can cause a significant amount of physical and emotional injury. For example, improper surgeries can actually remove the wrong organ in a patient. Sometimes, Physicians may also prescribe treatment that can be harmful to specific patients taking certain medication. Medical malpractice is commonly done during cosmetic operations that end up scarring skin rather than improving its appearance. Licensed doctors usually have insurance that covers all forms of malpractice.  Often times one seeks the legal experience from Donald A. Shapiro, Ltd. with any medical malpractice instances.

No matter how careful a person is, he or she can still be a victim of an accident. Negligence is common in the public and therefore people should be prepared to deal with any consequences of injuries. Even licensed professionals such as doctors can sometimes accidentally injure customers.

Personal Injury Legal Services

Negligence causes injuries that can change lives. Careless acts can reduce normal productive lives to struggles against pain and limitations. Claims for negligence can involve temporary discomfort, permanent injuries and, sadly, sometimes wrongful death. Negligence claims can involve products, sex crimes, medical services, automobile collisions, and in some cases occupational and workplace injuries. Seeking the legal assistance from attorneys can help in these matters.  Injured persons and survivors of a wrongful death require expert legal assistance from Moffett Law Firm, P.C. to understand their rights. The law provided remedies, methods to obtain a full fair and just amount of compensation for losses and injuries caused by the negligence of others.

One common cause of personal injury is medical negligence. These are injuries caused by any medical services provider; it includes such things as missed diagnosis and errors during surgery. Medical cases can be complicated, and one must support claims by a medical expert’s testimony. The assistance of an experienced attorney proves valuable when the legal cause and responsible parties must be determined in a situation with many medical services providers. An example is surgery, which routinely involves a hospital, surgeons, nurses, anesthetists, and medical laboratories. In later technology such as robotic surgery, one must consider many other factors.

In every state, one must bring a case within a certain period time, or the law bars it thereafter. Known as statutes of limitation, they have the effect of barring or stopping claims after a certain amount of time. A typical example would be a three-year period to file a claim for injury from an automobile accident. The limitations run from the time of the injury and bar the claim after a certain time has passed. It is a harsh rule, and there are few exceptions. Some states allow claims filing after limitations for injuries not discovered in time. Meant to help injured persons, this rule protects people who were unaware of the injury or its cause during the time for filing a claim. Another exception is for age of the injured person or person bringing the action as in wrongful death. The limitation does not run against a minor, and it stops until the age of majority.

It is vital to consult with an experienced attorney like Edward A. Shamis, Jr., J.D. in the event of an injury. Rights can be lost; delay can hamper or limit one’s case. Many injury specialists offer free consultation and charge no fee unless there is a recovery of damages. If injured, the best advice is do not delay, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.

Brain Injuries and Medical Malpractice

At times of serious injury, it may not be your first reaction to hire a personal injury attorney. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance, but if you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury, there are many different reasons why you may need to seek a personal injury attorney.

No matter the circumstances of your injury, whether it be a car accident, a slip and fall accident, or a workplace accident, suffering a serious injury can have many long-term after effects. For example, if you’ve suffered even a minor brain injury you may experience:

  • Headaches
  • Vision Problems
  • Changes in Personality/Mood Swings
  • Vertigo
  • Memory Problems

These side effects can have a long-term impact on your life including preventing you from returning to work, causing you to bear the burden of long-term medical expenses, losing your future earning potential, and enduring tremendous pain and suffering. What may seem like a minor injury caused by an accident can actually drastically alter your life for years to come.

If that’s happened to you, it’s critical to seek the legal counsel of an experienced brain injury attorney . You need legal representation from a law office, because your case needs to be investigated immediately and some injuries due to accidents have a time limit for legal recourse. With representation, you may be able to recover damages to help get your life back on track.

Unfortunately, suffering a brain injury may not be the extent of your pain and suffering. Sometimes brain injuries can become more severe, or new injuries can happen, because of negligent care, or medical malpractice. Sometimes medical malpractice can occur and stem from:

  • Failure to diagnose
  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Improper procedure
  • Unnecessary or Excessive treatment

In these instances, too, you’ll want the legal representation of a medical malpractice attorney because any fault of your physician can lead to the same, if not more extensive, long-term health problems as listed above. Personal injury attorneys such as those at the Law Offices of G. Oliver Koppell & Associates can represent your interests. Through an investigation, a personal injury attorney may be able to seek a settlement to help you recover from your injuries and experience.

Injuries are never simple and can lead to long-term issues that have a drastic impact on your life. Because the long-term impact of injury may not be felt right away, and because there are time constraints involved, you’re better having legal representation from the beginning to make sure you don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Medical Malpractice Information

When things go awry in life you often seek the advise, care or opinion of professionals who can help. Sometimes, you must entrust your very life to these professionals, such as when visiting a doctor or specialist. When you entrust your life to a medical professional, they assume responsibility for giving you proper care (see Tort Law). However, in some instances, a medical professional is negligent and can cause severe damage, injury or even death to those in their care. Continue reading

Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and your Personal Injury Claim

When you are involved in an accident that results in personal injuries caused by someone else (see Understanding Personal Injury Lawsuits), not only will you have to make decisions about the attorney you want to represent you, but you will most likely be confronted with decisions regarding proper medical care for your injuries. With many opportunities to seek care from alternative health professionals that may be less expensive or less intimidating than medical doctors, it is important to be aware of the consequences your choice can have on your ability to receive fair compensation for your injuries. Continue reading