The Importance of Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney


If you need brain surgery, would you ask your general practitioner to do it? Would you trust a regular auto mechanic to repair the transmission on a Ferrari? This same logic should be applied toward choosing the proper personal injury attorney for your specific case. Those who go to school and pass the Bar can be licensed to practice law, but the law is a vast arena with different areas of expertise. A patent lawyer not likely being much help in a criminal murder case is just one example. When seeking damages for accidents that result in personal injury, hiring an attorney experienced in your case type is best.

Choosing a Specialty

Look for a practice that specializes in personal injury claims. Some firms specialize or have more experience in specific subcategories of personal injury such as automobile accidents or medical malpractice claims. Try to find a firm that most closely matches your need and the services they excel at. Ask around from others you know or have heard needed representation for a personal injury claim, such as Berenson & Associates, PC.

Initial Contact

The next step is the initial contact. Pay attention to how much personal attention you get. If you feel you are just another client, then let your voice be heard. There are many firms out there competing for clients. Having a direct contact at the firm who is willing to answer any and all of your questions is very helpful, especially for cases that may take many months or longer to be resolved.


Be sure to know up front and have it in writing about any fees or costs you will be required to pay. If you have a case that the firm deems they can win in court, most charge no fees whatsoever to try your case until you win an award. Then, attorney fees are deducted from the total amount awarded by the court.

It is also good to know what happens if a case is lost. What are the rules and options for an appeal? What are the fees to file an appeal and the costs for representation? Many personal injury cases are clear as to fault and seriousness of the injury. Some are not. Information is power when it comes to going forward with a personal injury claim. A good personal injury attorney, like Angela Arellanes Law will keep you informed and educate you on the process.

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