Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident, many lawyers like Berenson & Associated, PC know all too well just what you are going through. A firm near you likely has extensive experience investigating and litigating cases involving personal injury. Here is a brief synopsis of the personal injury litigation process prepared by an attorney to help prepare you for the upcoming months if you are exploring a suit.

Auto cases that inflict catastrophic injuries, or in some cases even brain injury, are especially complicated because of the lawyers experts and doctors who will be involved in the case. The treating physicians will need to be deposed so a determination can be made on the extent of damages. A life care planner will need to be hired to calculate the cost of future care. Experts will also need to be found who can testify to the matter in which the accident occurred. These experts will travel to the scene of the accident, and they will also go examine the wreckage from the vehicles themselves.

Scene witnesses and first responders will give critical testimony and will need to be interviewed to piece together the incidents that took place on the day of the auto accident. Records will have to be requested, reviewed, and sent out to experts for them to review. The case boils down to just witnesses and documentary evidence. Both are equally important, but it is hard to argue with the four corners of a clear piece of evidence.  The help from an attorney like the Law Office of Benjamin Hancock is always best when it comes to a lawsuit such as these.

Litigating an auto accident case that involves extensive head injuries is a sensitive and complicated endeavor. Attorneys, like Gottesman & Hollis, PA, who choose this line of work often do so because they knew someone who had been injured by the negligence of another, or because they had a call to help others.